The Official Gay Card: Once more with feeling

Toronto Pride wrapped up late last night / early this morning, and I think everyone would agree that it was the best weekend ever!
And speaking of good news, the Official Gay Card has also been a monumental success. After one month, a box of sidewalk chalk, and some big, exciting milestones, here are the final post-Pride analytics:
  • 61,689 visits (22,966 on June 21 alone!)
  • 69,085 page views
  • 137 countries
  • 597 sources / reposts
  • 2450 PDF downloads
  • 1575 iPhone downloads
This couldn't have happened without all of the amazing support of my friends, family, co-workers, my ├╝ber-talented web developer Chris Roberts, and everyone who thought the Official Gay Card was worth sharing with friends. This has been a huge thrill for me, and has confirmed my desire to create more fun web-based projects like this in the future (one is already in the making)... stay tuned!

Thanks again.