12 Months of Type: Watercolour

Here are some highlights from July's typographic adventures with watercolour for 12 Months of Type. Check out all previous posts here, and follow my current progress on Instagram.

Ponteix Centennial 2014

My hometown of Ponteix, Saskatchewan celebrated their centennial last weekend, August 1-3, 2014. Here are some memorable moments.

Two-word truths #8

The eight installment of "Two-word truths" is now available! You can pick up "Be patient" in the shop for for $20. These 9" x 9" limited edition lino prints are based on original hand-lettering by yours truly. Printed in black ink on bright white 250gsm cotton archival paper. Lots of photos below.

Pick up your copy of "Be patient" in my shop today!

Sign Painters: The Movie

I am proud to share the poster I design for the Toronto premiere of Sign Painters: The Movie, hosted by Ligatures. This is our biggest event yet, and it's selling out fast. Three hours after our announcement, we were already at 75% capacity!

If you're in Toronto and would like to attend, please sign up ASAP:

Sneak peek

Sorry for the lack of blogging these days. I've been busy preparing for the next big Ligatures event, which is being announced this Monday. Above is a little hint...

Have a great weekend!