Happy Pride

Pride kicks off in Toronto today, and runs all of next week, culminating in the three major gatherings:
The Trans March - Friday, July 1st at 7pm
The Dyke March - Saturday, July 2nd at 2pm
The Pride Parade - Sunday, July 3rd at 2pm
And a brief Official Gay Card update: last night, we surpassed 50,000 page views, with hits from 122 countries, and almost 2000 PDF downloads and 1200+ iPhone downloads. A huge, huge thank you to everyone has shared the website (insert internet group hug).

Not coincidentally, I've chosen to post above photo that I took at Istanbul Pride last year. Amidst all the fun and frivolity this year, we must not forget the reason we celebrate Pride, not just in our city or country, but around the world. Together, we can create open dialogue, build diverse communities, and generate positive change.

Happy Pride. Be proud.
You are fabulous.