Logo for Human Rights

Above is my submission for the Logo Design Challenge for Human Rights. From the site:
At the moment, there is no universally recognized logo for human rights. At a time when communications technology is developing at breakneck speed, the flood of news and informa tion is becoming more and more dense and terrible human rights violations continue in many places around the world, the significance of a logo for human rights is more than simply visual. The point of the logo is to raise awareness for human rights, strengthening them by peaceful means. Logos win people over through their symbolic power, by being visible, recognizable, comprehensible (a picture being worth 1000 words) and universally applicable (because they don’t use language).
Submissions continue until July 31st, at which point a panel of judges will choose the 10 finalists between August 6 -21. Then, the world will vote for the final logo between August 27 - September 17.

Please click here to check out my submission (and increase my page views!) If you like my design, please take a moment and cast your vote (registration required) or share on your social network of choice.

Thanks in advance!