The Official Gay Card: The power of Savage

I was planning to do a post tomorrow to give a 3-week update, but there has been a significant development. After Dan Savage's post on the Slog yesterday (thanks Dan!), The Official Gay Card has exploded onto the internets! Less than twenty-four hours ago (right before his post), the analytics were hovering around 850 total views. Moments ago, we surpassed 10,000 page views (and no, that's not an extra zero you're seeing).

I want to thank everyone for their support - this is a dream come true.
(I feel like Sally Field accepting her Oscar...)

I also wanted to take a moment to address some of the questions and concerns that are coming through the blog comments on various sites.

1) "There are sooo many spelling errors."
Yes. Designer-fail. "Mykonos" and "Provincetown" have been fixed. Thanks for bringing them to my attention. Nobody's perfect. :)

2) "The questions are sooo stereotypical."
Yes, yes they are. That was the whole idea.

3) "This is only for gay men."
Correct. This version should be considered the beta version for bigger and gayer Gay Cards to come. With more time, I'll gladly develop a lesbian version, as well as variations of the Gay Card for more specific types of gays (club queens, bears, fashionistas, etc.) Stay tuned for Gay Card 2.0... coming Pride 2012!

4) "There are no questions about sex."
That's right. I wanted to keep this version PG-13 (read: my Mom also reads this blog).

5) "This is stupid and lame."
Thanks for sharing. Haters gonna hate.