Rob Ford. A few months ago, this name did not mean much to the international community. But after Gawker got a hold of a fake real video of Toronto's mayor allegedly smoking crack cocaine, this name is now a household name around the world. And as the criminal allegations continue to stack up (drunk driving, physical abuse, prostitutes... et al.), Mayor Rob Ford is starting to make Toronto – and Canada – look like a joke.

I took it upon myself to come up with a creative solution for Torontonians and Canadians to reclaim our tarnished reputation. My objective was to address the problem, offer a playful visual solution, and provide a creative and shareable component to the growing anti-Ford movement. Below are the results.

These images can be downloaded and printed or shared on social media. All of the files can be downloaded below, or in the original size on the new blog:


C'mon, Canada! Tell your friends, Toronto! Please spread the world on all your social networks.

Let the world know that one bad mayor doesn't spoil the bunch.

Have a great weekend!


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