Nothing feels better than have organized, inspiring workspace. After surviving the holidays and catching up on sleep and RSS feeds, I finally got around to dusting and tidying my office. The last time I changed up my wall was 2 years ago (!), so it was about time for a fresh look. Below are a few close-ups!

Here's Po the Teletubby, and my Love letterpress print I created with Tanya at snap + tumble.

This is an awesome alphabet exercise book (also from Tanya!) and some porcelain kitties from Grandma.

This is a watercolour I found from grade 6 (who knew I'd end up living in Toronto?)

This is an antique Speedball alphabet book I found back in 2009, a Rubik's cube, and a white serpentine stone.

This is a postcard from my trip to Istanbul, a photo of my grandparents, and some letterpress blocks.

This is a name block (from my Veer days), another kitty from Grandma, a letterpress print from Tanya, and some antique date blocks I found at the St. Lawrence Market.

And this is a framed version of my alphabet print, available in my shop.
(Special thanks to everyone who placed orders over the holidays!)