Showcard & Sign Painting workbook

Sign painting is a perfect blend of draftsmanship and artistry, of rules and intuition, of precision and incongruity. With the emergence of the “slow movement” in the last decade, and a renewed interest in analog techniques – perhaps a reaction against the technologies that dominate so many aspects of our lives – the demand for traditional sign painting has returned. Many small businesses prefer signs made by humans, not machines. People want art in their homes made by people, not factories. And those with an interest in typography and handmade letterforms (both professionals and hobbyists) are interested in painting letters by hand. 

These 10 worksheets will help you navigate your sign painting journey. This booklet contains an overview of supplies, techniques, stroke practice, as well as full reference alphabets and guideline sheets. Please let this workbook inspire you to embrace your own personal style, and create your best sign painting work.

No experience required, but you will need your own paint materials, which are thoroughly discussed in the kit.   

Available as a physical booklet or digital download in my shop.