Brush Pen Lettering workbook

Hand-lettering often speaks louder than a font or typeface because of its personal touch and charming imperfections. Brush pen lettering, a variation of cursive handwriting, has made a resurgence in recent years because of a renewed interest in the handmade, and a yearning for authenticity. It also acts as an excellent exercise in mindfulness, and offers the groundwork for creative ventures like lettermail, journalling, and art projects.

This 12-page workbook will help you navigate your brush pen lettering journey. The booklet contains an overview of supplies, techniques, stroke practice, as well as full reference alphabets and guideline sheets. 

No experience required, but you will need your own brush pens and paper, which are thoroughly discussed in the kit. I hope this workbook inspire you to embrace your own personal style, and create your best brush lettering work. 

Available as a physical booklet or digital download in my shop.