I’m currently looking for old paintings for an upcoming sign painting project. Details:
-originals or reproductions
-landscape or portrait
-framed or unframed
-manageable size
-kitsch is key (paint-by-numbers are great!)
Donations preferred. Commissions possible if the painting is yours.

I’m currently looking for remnant wood for an upcoming sign painting project. Details:
-untreated plywood or lumber panels, no larger than 16”x20”, no thicker than 1/2”.
-good condition (no cracks or knots)
-also accepting masonite board, blank canvases, etc.

I’m currently looking for lettering resources for a research project. Details:
-lettering & sign painting reference material, circa 1900-1960
-can include guides, alphabets, exemplars and samples
-looking to acquire or borrow
-physical copies or PDFs/scans/links are great

I’m currently looking for empty wall space in Toronto for new mural projects. Details:
-indoor or outdoor -prominent, visible to public
-a row of uniform laneway garage doors would be amazing
-any size (the bigger, the better)
-would require permission from property owner
-completed concepts/mockups available upon request

I’m currently looking to develop a dynamic sign painting & showcard identity with independent retailers in Toronto. Details:
-traditional showcard style (think “Honest Eds”)
-ideal industries: food/grocery (local butcher or produce), farmers markets, candy, toy, plant or general stores
-seasonal / holiday sale displays -menu boards (restaurants, cafes)