Nifty numeral

I'm tickled pink to share you my contribution to Uppercase Magazine's "Nifty Numeral" project, which is published in Issue 28. Janine asked 10 designers, typographers and lettering artists to submit their favourite number. Here's mine:
F-O-U-R: the only number whose value is the same as the number of letters in its name. Four sides make a square, the basis for our grid system. Conceptually, four connotes strength, stability, and order – a perfect fit. The standard peaked 4 can also be drawn by connecting four points in succession. 1-2-3-4.
Four leaf clovers are lucky; a 4.0 is the finest grade-point average one can attain. Most furniture has four legs; most vehicles have four wheels. You can’t play cards without four suites (hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades); a ballgame certainly wouldn’t be the same without four bases. We couldn’t explore the “four corners of the world” without the four cardinal directions (North, South, East, and West). We wouldn’t be able to enjoy the four food groups (meat, dairy, grain, and produce) without Mother Nature’s four seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter).
Most importantly, our beautiful world of print wouldn’t be the same without our beloved four process colours: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.
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Looking back, moving forward

2015 was a marathonic year, with many hurdles and obstacles, but also great rewards.
As in previous years (201120122013, 2014), here is my annual recap of how my year unfolded.

January was cold and long. I kept myself busy creating the Emoji Alphabet Project.

In February, I completed a chalkboard at The Body Shop. I also started the Emoji Alphabet Project, which got some nice press.

March brought some more nice press for the Emoji Alphabet Project. I also did a special piece of art for the F**k Status Quotes project.

In April, I did a big menu chalkboard for Church Street Espresso.

May brought spring weather and a chalkboard for RedLab Digital. I also had the privilege to
co-instruct Type Camp pointed pen workshop at TDC (Type Director's Club) in New York City. Amazing!

June was a busy month for client work. Ligatures also held our first Type Attack!

In July, I co-taught a special Ligatures brush pen workshop in Calgary, in partnership with GDC (Graphic Designers of Canada) and Uppercase Magazine. My sister also got married, and I turned 33!

August was filled with two back-to-back Ligatures brush pen workshops in Toronto, introducing a fun new layered alphabet in the workshop plan.

September was all about my big 2015 rebrand. More photos here. I also unveiled a special painting, created for the Buddies in Bad Times Art Attack auction.

October was busy to say the least. My Ellen Lupton interview was published in Uppercase Magazine. Also, the Toronto Etiquette Project (and my mugshot) were featured prominently on the masthead of the Toronto Star's GTA section. I was also thrilled to share that my 2011 poster of Macbeth for Shakespeare Toronto / Classical Theatre Project  was published in the new Mirko Ilić / Steven Heller book Presenting Shakespeare: 1,100 Posters from Around the World, published by Princeton Architectural Press.

In November, I unveiled my winter collection 2015, including reveal the new Emoji Map of Canada. I had the privilege of attending RGD DesignThinkers on behalf of Uppercase Magazine. Here are the links to Day 1 & Day 2. November was also a busy month for chalkboards: a massive 25 foot one for Flock restaurant, and three for the new Loaded Pierogi restaurant.

December was all about City of Craft Winter 2015, with some special products created just for the show. The event was a huge success, and I can't wait to apply for next year's show.

This massive year wouldn't have been possible without the support of YOU – family, friend (new and old) and clients (new and old). Thanks to everyone who purchased a print in my shop, donated to my 10K run, liked one of my Instagram photos, attended a Ligatures workshop, or visited my booth at City of Craft. Your generosity inspires me. I am truly blessed to do work I love each day.

May 2016 bring you happiness.


Alphabet a day

Here’s my project for the year: one complete alphabet (A-Z) hand-lettered and posted at the end of every weekday in 2016. If my math is correct, that should be 250 alphabets by December 31. Wish me luck!

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