12 Months of Type

If you've ever stopped by my blog, you'll know that I love two things: letters, and year-long projects.

2010: 26 in 52 research project
I researched all 26 letters of the English alphabet (origins, history, and interesting anecdotes).

2011: 12 over 12 research project
I decided to do the same for numbers, investigating the numbers one through twelve (background, symbolism, and fun facts).

2012: Alphabet 100 lettering project
I choose one letter of the alphabet each week, and illustrated it 100 different ways. After the 5200 (!) sketches and 200+ hours, I compiled the final 52 illustrations into one awesome print, available for purchase in my shop.

2013: 12 in '13 for '14 calendar lettering project
Each month, I hand-lettered a dozen calendar header options each month. After curating the selects, I rendered the final titles in Illustrator and incorporated them into the layouts. I created a supplementary set of numerals and capitals for the week title (a full post on the process here). And voila! An extra special, hand-lettered, limited edition calendar, also available for purchase in my shop.

This year, I set these goals for myself:
  • create more art
  • practice, practice, practice my lettering
  • get away from my computer
  • try techniques and materials I've never used before
  • get messy!
And that's how 12 Months of Type was born. The premise is pretty simple: each month will be dedicated to one art medium. And for the entire month, I will immerse myself in the new medium, and create as many typographic pieces as I can. Some will be highly experimental, some more refined, and some will likely end up as special pieces of typographic art available for purchase.

Here's a breakdown of how the year will progress:

And the best part: you can participate! Feel free to follow my schedule, or create your own monthly projects. If you want me to share them on my blog, please send me an email, or just hashtag them with me on Instagram as #12monthsoftype.

So let's get started! I'm off to do some ink projects for the rest of January – please watch my Instagram for the most up-to-date projects.

I hereby declare 2014 The Year Of Type!