July is coming up fast (Monday!), so it's time for the next exciting installment of 12 in 13 for 14. Vote for your favourite lettering here.

Have a great weekend! And Happy Pride, Toronto!

Etienne Dicaire

Pride is in the air in downtown Toronto, and the most beautiful event posters I've seen this year are these stunning, fantastical collage pieces for Green Space by Montréal designer Etienne Dicaire.

Happy Pride everyone!


Above is a logo I recently created for NDstrings, an online service for naturopathic doctors and students to collect, organize and share their medical knowledge. Tidbits of medical treatments are often referred to as "clinical pearls" (as in pearls of wisdom), so the site allows users to creates "strings" of information (as in strings of pearls). The site is administered by Chris Roberts, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. Below is the branding system I created for him, as well as some screenshots of the new site.

Thanks again Chris for the opportunity to work on this. I'm excited to see how the project evolves!

Music in the Barns

An extra-vertical, vintage streetcar stub-inspired posted for Music In The Barns' summer concert.

Pride Games Day

A recent poster for GETOut! Canada's Pride Games Day, taking place this Saturday at Mattamy Athletic Centre. Be sure to check it out!


A little sign painting practice this past weekend.

Work, work, work

A little preview of what I've been working on these days. I'm super excited to share some new projects in the next couple weeks.

Have a great weekend!


I ♥ Uppercase

A tremendous thank you to Janine from Uppercase Magazine for posting this lovely piece on the Uppercase blog yesterday. It was so much fun to attend the Show and Tell at Kid Icarus last week, and it's an honour to be featured on Type Tuesday.

Additional thanks to Erin for lending a hand last week, and for making a special delivery back to Calgary.

Creative Type Five - highlights

These were my top 5 favourite works at the Creative Type exhibit, which closed on Sunday night. Please excuse the low quality camera photos and poor lighting.

"Alphabet" by Thom Sevalrud

"Das Spinnennetz" by Sascha Hass

"Shelf Life" by Adrian Forrow

"Ampersand 3" by Kirsten McCrea

"Motor Oil" by Kellen Hatanaka

For better photos of all the works from the show, please check out Creative Type's beautiful new website.

Projeto de Etiqueta Urbana

Exciting news! The Urban Etiquette Project is now available in Portuguese!

A few weeks ago, I received an interview request from a journalist at Folha de São Paulo, a major Brazilian newspaper. They wanted to publish a piece on city etiquette, and use the Urban Etiquette Project as a case study.

After a few follow-up emails, I was able to translate the cards into Portuguese, and now, they have been published on their site and in a printed magazine! (I've requested a copy of the print version - please stay tuned.)

The cards are also available for download on my blog below the English and French versions.

How many translations can we do? I can't wait to find out!

Special thanks to Letícia for contacting me and making this all happen, and to Christine for her generous contribution to the translations.