Happy Monday! After months of preparation, I am pleased to reveal my personal rebrand, as well the redesign of my personal website,

Below, you will find:
-some shots of the new business cards, handmade on Arches Bright White 140lb paper with rubber stamps and blank ink (much thanks to Tanya for letting me use her heavy duty industrial paper cutter!)
-a peek at some new branded stationery
-my new super fun circular stickers (which are perfect for sticking mailing tubes - and everything!)


As well, I got it in my head that I would create a 3-dimensional sign for my office. Using only cardboard, hot glue, and a utility knife, here is how it unfolded:

And here is the final result! I was pleasantly surprised at how the corrugated edge added a uniform stroke around the whole piece.

Here is everything all laid out together, with a few other treasures I always have around me, including an old letterpress drawer label (ABC), a piece of woodtype (C), a stone from the Mediterranean (I love rocks), a ruler I had in elementary school, and my "I  Grandma" keychain.

Of course, Cheddar the office cat had to come investigate (outtakes available upon request).

And voila! Office complete.

I must thank everyone who helped make this come to life. Special thanks go to my friend and web developer, Chris Roberts, who made my new website look and function better than I could have imagined, and for taking me on an HTML/CSS/jQuery journey (hopefully the first of many!) Please be sure to check out his craftsmanship on the site - and don't forget to check out the mobile version!

More on the development of the new wordmark and brand system coming tomorrow.