A show of pride

This summer, the city of Montréal showed its pride by sponsoring a massive art installation called Aires Libres (loosely translated, "Free Air / Free Space"). Several city blocks (1.2km between Berri and Papineau metro stations) along Sainte-Catherine Street East have been traffic-free and adored with 170,000 "boules roses" (pink ornamental balls). From the website:
The three different size pink resin balls will produce a five-tone hue creating the effect of a long sequenced ribbon. Enjoy unique and festive moments as you stroll under a sky of pink resin balls while experiencing the succession of nine different suspension patterns that stretch over a 1.2 km distance between Berri and Papineau streets. A color event that asserts itself in the heart of the Village.

The other exciting installation is called Manifeste:
Manifeste can only be revealed and decoded under certain angles. To read it, one must step backwards to Wolfe St., and then find the right angle .... Night or day, Manifeste is a reminder that vital thoughts and reflections surround us without being noticed and that sometimes a slight change in perspective suddenly places us in front of what is apparent. On occasion, when we are not seeing the forest for the trees, the crown of high forest reveals a message of hope.
Bravo Montréal.