TTCSI Case #3 - Identity crisis

Case #3
The accused: Spirits Bars & Grill, 642 Church St., Toronto
The crime: Too much signage / inconsistent branding

I feel like every time I walk by this bar, they have put up a new sign. There are currently four signs on this side of the establishment. I half expect them to paint a mural on the brick wall in the coming weeks.
Ruling: I understand that visibility from all angles is important, but so is brand clarity. And sometimes, the mishmash collage style works for bars/pubs, especially when then are channeling older styles to give a sense of continuity and longevity through the years past. Sadly this is not the case here. Right now, this signage says, "We know a guy who can give us a deal on signs". I will give them credit that their complimentary red-green colour scheme is consistent.
In this case, I'd probably pick the best design and go with it. I am drawn to the circular design because I love the use of negative space, and I can see its application inside as well (coasters, pint glasses, menus, etc.). With the right design choices, this bar has great potential.