BREAKING: DADT will come to an end

Historic news for LGBT Americans: bill to end Don't Ask, Don't Tell passes House and Senate, and will be signed by President Obama sometime next week.
The bigger question is, "Should they?"
"There can be no honor from serving in a shameful war. Anyone attempting to enlist now is condoning the horrors of of it. If fairness and equality is really the concern of gay people, then we can't sign up to use force to impose our misguided will as we've been doing in Iraq for almost a decade. As people who've been bullied ourselves, we of all people must value compassion. Dan Choi has claimed that "War is a force that gives us meaning." Anyone who needs to obtain their meaning from something as depraved as preemptive attacks against innocent countries is at odds with any civil rights movement I can conceive of ... Of course gays deserve civil rights. But Iraqis deserve them just as much as we do." -Lady Bunny, performer and LGBT activist