TTCSI Case #1 - GO Transit

This is a new segment I'd like to call:

Case #1
The accused: GO Transit
The crime: Too many fonts!

I recently encountered this GO Transit display at Union Station. At a glance, I was very impressed - organized, colour-coded, and well-stocked. Thumbs up!
But upon further inspection, my pulse began to race. The display was using 4 (FOUR) different fonts:
Exhibit A: Helvetica
Exhibit B: Verdana
Exhibit C: Arial
Exhibit D: Unknown label maker serif font

Ruling: When possible, try to use no more than 3 fonts in one document or layout. Reserve Verdana for web use and resist using it in print (unless you're IKEA). And please, if you must use Arial, do not pair it with Helvetica.