In September 2009, I created my first modular font called Razorblade, using the free online application, Fontstruct.

As a uni-width font, I was quite pleased with the result. But esthetically, there were several things that bothered me about it.

With my newfound Illustrator skills (!) and my recent work on Geometrica Sans, I have been revisiting and expanding this font over the last few months. Here are the results.

I was interested in creating a geometric display face, based exclusively on shapes (circle, square, equilateral triangle) and their derivatives (no linear elements).

I am a huge fan of modular fonts; my inspirations for Razorblade include:
I was also keen to create a font that incorporated overlay / transparency / collage capabilities, similar to:
Even Toronto city streets helped in the formation of the lower case i:
And now to import into FontLab!

p.s. Lesson learned: Listen to your gut; if it feels wrong, it probably is.

p.p.s. Much thanks to Tanya for her succinct feedback and endless encouragement.