The Google Generation

Ten years ago, I finished high school, left the nest, and began my post-secondary career. But before the exodus, I completed five murals at my humble little high school. The last one I designed was an ode to the year 2000 and the new millennium. While I recognize the amateurish aesthetic (it was high school after all), it still stands as a interesting memento of the prominent ideas and cultural tokens of the time.
This was my original sketch of the mural (yes, this was before Photoshop, so I had to use a good old photocopier):
This is how the mural turned out (apologies for the mediocre image quality - the lighting in this space was terrible):
And this is how the "puzzle piece" fit into the existing mural, which showcased the previous four decades (created by an unknown artist):
For the last couple months, I have been musing about the idea of creating a new mural for the last ten years. What defines us in 2010? And now, after several hours and over 100 Photoshop layers, I present to you: 2010, the iDecade:
(please click to enlarge)