Colour me happy.

Christian J. Faur has created an alphabet based solely on colours. For real.

From his website:
"...I have become aware of how difficult it is to find a universal meaning of color that can transcends the cultural boundaries in a similar way that the symbols used in written language and mathematics have become universal. In a failed quest to find universal color meaning, I hit upon an idea of just mapping colors to a pre-existing system that can hold meaning, the alphabet."
Here is his basic colour-coded system:
On his site, you can learn more about how text is processed by our brains, how he assigned the colours, how he expanded the system to include upper case, lower case, numbers, and punctuation, and see some stunning examples of his work in action:
Even more interesting are some of the problems and broader questions his work poses about art, design and typography:
  • Using colour, one can write without the limitation of using glyphs to represent data. As colour has no direct shape ... colour can be used in ways that traditional fonts can not
  • Colour text can be used inside of images to encrypt character data or embed metadata within the image itself
  • Colour can be applied to existing text to render double meanings
And for extra fun, he's included a free alphabet font and Colour Alphabet Converter.

(p.s. What does this mean for us synesthetes???)