Last Sunday, I did something I never imagined I could ever do. I played - and sang - at my first-ever music recital at Lula Lounge. I’ve never played an instrument, and have not sang (in public) since grade eight choir.

I cannot describe the simultaneous terror and exhilaration of this moment. After three months of one-on-one ukulele lessons, I got up on stage. My hands were sweaty, heart was racing, and legs were shaking. But somehow, I did it!

This personal milestone would not have been possible without my talented ukulele instructor - and duet partner, Abby. Tremendous thanks to Michael and Annie at MJMS for their support and encouragement through this entire journey. You have given me the joy of music. And big love to my friends and family who came out to cheer me on, especially Rob for shooting this photo. BFF that stands for us!