King Street Pilot

I am honoured that three of my designs were selected for the King Street Pilot Project, an ambitious transit program by the City of Toronto that will change the way we move across Canada's largest city.

From my proposal:
King Street is one of the most historic corridors of Toronto, dating back to 1793 in the original ground plans of the Town of York. It has had many transformations in its 224 years, but has always served as a vital artery, moving masses East and West across the Canada’s capital.
As Toronto continues to grow and change, it is important to remember this rich history. Inspired by colourized vintage postcards, my design for the King Street Pilot Study brings the past into the present by incorporating historic photographs from the Toronto Archives. With the use of directional shape and colour, these photos are brought to life for a contemporary setting. The barriers become colourful windows into the past.
This design can be applied to the corridor more broadly. The concept is highly flexible and scalable, and could easily be extrapolated for other uses. This bright, bold design will add energy and dynamism during the King Street Pilot project, while reminding passersby of the Toronto’s long history of as a leader for growth and change.
Below are the three final designs for the concrete barriers. Be sure to check out the King Street Pilot in action from Jarvis to Bathurst, snap some photos, and send them my way!

Area 1: Bathurst to Simcoe

Area 2: Simcoe to Yonge

Area 3: Yonge to Jarvis

Many thanks to Bruce, Karina, and everyone at the City of Toronto for this incredible opportunity to improve the way we move in Toronto.

More information on the City of Toronto website.
CBC article here.