The Making of the 2014 Holiday Cards

Back in April, I was asked by Kid Icarus studio if I would be interested in a greeting card collaboration. I enthusiastically accepted!

After a busy spring/summer, I dedicated a good chunk of time in September to creating a series of four hand-lettered holiday cards. I was inspired by classic Christmas song lyrics, especially ones with repetitive sounds/phrases. I started in pencil, but quickly switched to coloured markers and brush pens once the ideas started flowing.

Below is a series of 6 sketches, showing how my designs evolved.

And these are the four layouts I selected for the final versions.

Below are the final versions, showing the two overlapping layers of text. The final lettering was all created with a Pentel brush pen, scanned, and refined in Illustrator. The cards were screen printed with care by Kid Icarus, and are available at their location in Kensington Market, or in my online shop.

If you like the cards, please purchase your own copies in my shop! More photos from the original launch here.