Sign for a sign

A few months ago, I spotted this beautiful hand-lettered sign at a parking lot toll booth in my neighbourhood. It was not being used; literally bolted to the wall sideways, functioning more as an impromptu storage unit than a sign.

One day, I got the courage to approach the toll booth collector and inquire about giving the sign a new home. When I explained my interest in hand-lettering, he gave me a quizzical look, and said, "If you make me a new sign, I will give you this one."

Done and done.

After several sketches and some testing of supplies, here is the replacement sign I created. I used red and black acrylic on a piece of primed masonite board.

And for an added bonus, when I dropped off the new sign this week, John (the collector) uncovered a second sign that was equally charming. How could I not take it off his hands?

In parting, John mentioned that these signs were done at least 30 years ago by a local sign painter named Peter, who has since deceased.

John has a new sign for his toll booth, and I have 2 new beautiful type specimens. Everyone is happy!

Now, back to practicing...