Gift for Gavin

I was honoured when the University of Calgary Department of Drama asked me to create a piece of commemorative art for my the retirement of my former professor and mentor, Gavin Semple. From 1977-2013, he worked on 51 productions (!) at the two theatres on campus: The University Theatre, and the Reeve Theatre. The completed piece shown above is hybrid of the two theatre ground plans, overlaid with the names and years of all the plays he helped design. The 30" x 22.5" artwork was printed in black and white on an oversize plotter to simulate the look of a blueprint. The black ink on heavy white archival paper gives the quality of black velvet, which is evocative of backstage theatre drapes.

Congratulations Gavin on the 36 years you've given to the theatre community at the University of Calgary. And a personal thank you for contributing to the artist I am today.