4 things

1) Today is February 1st. I love the feeling of a new month, and with the beautiful weather we are having in Toronto, you can tell spring is just around the corner.

2) Today marks one year since I launched my personal website, christopherrouleau.com. Since last February, I have worked on lots of exciting projects - client and personal - which have helped the site grow and evolve. And a couple months ago, I added 2 new sections to my site: Shop (linking to my online BigCartel storefront - more products coming soon!), and Fun (a place to download free goodies, view my favourite personal projects, and get creative inspiration). Please feel free to go to my site and check them out!

3) And speaking of fun, the Alphabet 100 project is coming along great. Here are the first 4 letters since the launch at the beginning of January. Don't forget to subscribe or check back every week for the latest creation!

4) Have a great day!