Today marks five years (!) since I signed up for Blogger and started this little blog.
I had just graduated from university and wanted a place to post my portfolio. It's amazing what can happen in five years.

I also turn 29 today. :)


-Author unknown

No one can hear you cry in space

I am surrounded by talent. This is a new illustration by my (soon-to-be-famous) friend Terry Irwin.
Purchase this print, or any of his amazing work, at Society6.

Then and now, part 3

Toronto Eaton Centre (Yonge and Queen St.), circa 1970 and 2011
(top photo via BlogTO)

Toronto time travel

I am sort of obsessed with Toronto, past and present. I have done a handful of photo posts, juxtaposing archival shots of Toronto with my own (more on the way!) But I was super excited to read this BlogTO article about Toronto-based photographer Erik Mauer, who has also been working on a series called Then and Now (which is, notably, about a billion times better than mine...)
Read more about Erik on BlogTO here, or check out more amazing Toronto-then-and-now photos on Flickr here.
(above source)

People for good

I am over-the-moon happy with this campaign I've been seeing in Toronto by
From their website:
We’re People for Good. And our goal is to make the world a better place, one good deed at a time. It may sound ambitious but it’s easier than you’d think. In fact, you could help make the world a better place right now. Just by doing something nice for someone. Rest assured, we’re not asking for money, we just want you to donate a little generosity.
They have also started compiling a list of good ideas for good deeds that include:
1. Mow your neighbour's lawn
2. Instead of an email, send a handwritten note.
3. Call your mother
4. Bring home flowers.
5. Make cookies for your neighbours
6. Do a chore, even if it's not your turn.
7. Give up the remote
8. Make breakfast for the household
9. Go say hello to your neighbour.
10. Shovel an elderly person's driveway.
I will keep my eyes out for more posters and billboards, and try to find out more about the people who created this. In the meantime, let's spread the word and make the world more awesome!

Update (07 Aug 11): The Globe and Mail reports that "The creative was spearheaded by Zak Mroueh and his Toronto ad shop Zulu Alpha Kilo, while the heavy presence of the ads was orchestrated by Mark Sherman, the executive chairman of the Montreal-based media agency Media Experts."

Summer is...

...campfires with friends.
Happy Birthday Anne!

The talented Mr. Roberts

Congrats to my friend and web developer Chris Roberts, who recently graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.
(above is a poster we just happened to find whilst strolling the Danforth on Friday evening - click here to embiggen and view the amazingly retro details!)

Every beginning has an ending

Part Two of the final Harry Potter film opens today
This image was taken on the first day the two actors met, back in 2000.
(Image source)

What's It Like?

These are a set of 33 poetry chapbooks that I designed, illustrated, and hand-bound for David Bateman, a spoken word poet and performance artist based in Toronto.
Come see David's poetry reading (and purchase a chapbook!) tonight:

Zelda's, 692 Yonge Street (upstairs)