The Official Gay Card

Just in time for Pride 2011 is the Official Gay Card!

This is a project that has been in my mind for months (years!), and has come to life in the last few weeks.

I have always liked the idea of a gay card - a smart, sassy badge of pride for gay men to pull out in the case of a gay-mergency (tragic displays of public fashion, uninspired interior design choices, relationship interventions, etc. ) But I have been consistently disappointed with the offerings on the web (see examples below). Something had to be done about this.

This project started out as a simple 2-sided card with a few basic tenets. But as the card evolved, I decided that it was not enough to just make the cards available; you should have to earn your card. (as the wise RuPaul says, "You better work").
A series of questions emerged, and a full quiz was formed. If you pass the quiz, the card is yours. If you fail, no card for you.
I designed a one-page quiz + card, and threw the idea at my web developer friend, Chris Roberts. He said it would be super easy to transform into a website. And with his masterful (and speedy!) HTMLing and CSSing, found its rainbow-adorned home on the interwebs. 100% free. 100% fun. 100% gay.

This project is a first for me, and in many ways, I just wanted to see if it could actually happen. And it did! If I see one person showing off their Official Gay Card during Toronto Pride 2011, this will have been a success for me.

So, now it's up to you. Take the quiz. Get the card. Spread the love. Enjoy and be proud.

Happy Pride!