Reunion recap

We drove from Calgary, Alberta to my hometown Ponteix, Saskatchewan, watching trains and wheatfields pass by:
We arrived at Grandma's house for a handsome feast...
...and a surprise birthday treat!

We woke up early, and drove with Grandma and Grandpa to the old farm to feed the kitties:

Then, Grandpa took us fossil hunting at Tillet Hills (the archaeological site of Mo the Plesiosaur):

We came home with some fossilized fish:
Clam fossils:
And shards of mica (which as a child, I always thought with diamonds):
After that, we went home, washed up, and headed to the reunion at the Parish Hall:

A dance followed in the evening (no photos - sorry!)

After a pancake breakfast, the rest of the day was dedicated to visiting and family photo ops. Meet my new favourite family member, Molly:
In the afternoon, I explored the town of Ponteix (see supplementary post here).
Dinner was served, the floors were swept, and everyone went their separate ways.
See you all at the next reunion...

p.s. Brief post on previous reunion here