Toronto type

As I've mentioned before, I absolutely LOVE the Toronto Subway font. Last night, I stumbled upon this excellent (and thorough!) article about its development and implementation over the last 50 years. Above are the original sketches (circa 1960), which mysteriously do not credit an artist...
Reasons you should love this font:
  • Near-perfect circles for C, G, O, and Q.
  • Similarity of upper and lower bowls of B.
  • Near symmetry of E and F along a horizontal midline.
  • An X that looks like a multiplication sign.
  • A Futura-like S made of two hooks.
  • Strokes that tend toward straight lines (even the stem of the distinctive low-waist R) and terminate at right angles.
  • Spiky corners on M, N, V, and W that descend below the baseline or project above the cap height.