Book review

Lettering & Type by Bruce Willen and Nolen Strals, 2009

Some inspiring highlights:
-words and letters are the engine of information exchange, the home for language and ideas
-typography = "mastering the art of arranging letters"
-with 2000 years of historical precedent, it takes desire & courage to tackle 26 of the world's most infamous and influential letters. The possibilities of representation have yet to be exhausted.
-on functionality: an 'A' that doesn't look like an 'A' ceases to exist
-systems make letters work; respect the system
-letters can never be neutral; neutrality itself conveys something more complex (ie. blandness, intellectuality, etc.) - always consider associations
-"lettering can convey layers of ideas that compel a reader to decode and interpret, and thus become more active in the viewing experience." -Nancy Harris Rouemy
-a typeface is a kit of parts that can be configured and reworked into countless forms on a moment's notice
-great typefaces apply a beautiful and powerful system to articulate a strong idea
-"A good typeface is well crafted and useful, and sets up into attractive looking words. It holds together as a complete system, where individual letters don't distract the reader. A good typeface doesn't make you wonder what you might do with it, or why it exists." -Christian Schwartz
-there are many different, legitimate ways to create good typefaces!