Alphabet 100 update

Here are the next four lower case installments to the Alphabet 100 project. Be sure to follow the progress here!

Alphabet 100 update

Just a quick note about the Alphabet 100 project - when I created uppercase I earlier this year, I thought it ended up looking more like a lower case i. So this week, when I was scheduled to complete the lower case, I did a big ole uppercase!

Check them both out here!

Magic at Hart House Theatre

A huge high-five to in-house designers Sara Herron and Firoozeh Tangestanian for their superb designs for Hart House Theatre's 2012/2013 season. Two thumbs up!

Check out last season's designs here.

Montréal coffee

Over the weekend, I updated my Toronto Coffee Guide blog with all 21 coffeeshops I visited on my last trip to Montreal. If you love coffee, be sure to check it out!