Born this way

Video just released moments ago... review coming soon.

P's & Q's

Super awesome work by Cory Haltom
(how Canadian!)

Mandatory listening

Adele's new album, 21, is probably the best [auto-tune-free] album in recent memory. Raw, heart-wrenching, emotional - she reminds you what music should sound like. Go listen!

Weekend portfolio additions

My first attempt at cursive lettering using bezier curves, as well as the original sketch.
A speculative logo for a coffeeshop, inspired by the negative space of ampersands.
And, a new mock-up for Geometrica, using overlay to reveal the typographic system.

I ♥ Illustrator!

More new exciting stuff coming in the next two weeks... stay tuned!

100 paper bags

An exercise I found from my art school days... we were asked to choose a topic and interpret it in 100 different ways.


Wonderful paintings by Tauba Auerbach which divide each letter and number into their respective components. Perfection.

Business cards

  • One 22"x30" sheet of Arches Bright White 140lb paper: $6.78
  • One rubber stamp, courtesy of Toronto Stamp: $33.67
  • One black stamp pad: $4.96
  • A boy who's very pleased with his D.I.Y. business cards: priceless!

Then and now, part 1

Toronto City Hall, 1899 and 2011
(top photo via BlogTO)

Variations on a theme

Jessica Svendsen has completed 100 (one hundred!) variations of Josef Müller-Brockmann's iconic 1955 Beethoven poster, as part of her studies at the Yale School of Art. Below is the original poster, and 5 of her re-workings. Brilliant.

Born this way

The new Lady Gaga track, "Born this Way" is set to launch tomorrow, and will also be performed at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday. Can't wait to hear it!

On A

-Eric Gill, 1932 (creator of Gill Sans typeface, among others)

"Great characters, both wooden and human"

I was fortunate enough to see a private screening of the documentary Typeface on the weekend (with my dear friends Tanya and Anne). If you able find a screening in your city, or buy/rent a copy, I highly recommend it. Mandatory viewing for type lovers and small town folk.

Hello world.

After years of waiting, months of planning and weeks of coding, I am proud to announce the launch of my website,
This wouldn't have been possible without the help of my superb developer and friend, Chris Roberts.
Please take a look and email me if you experience any bugs or glitches.
Otherwise, please enjoy!