"To see or eat eggs in your dream symbolizes birth and your creative potential. Something new is about to happen."

Exciting announcement coming soon...

Quote of many colours

-Vladimir Nabokov, Russian novelist (Lolita), who was also a synesthete (experiencing letters and numbers with colours)

Type test

Typographic snellen chart - brilliant!

On good design

Three points on design. Good design should:
  1. convey ideas/concepts through associations (symbols, patterns)
  2. stand the test of time, and be versatile for different applications (substance vs. style)
  3. carry the most possible meanings with least means (richness through simplicity)


-Jean Cocteau, French poet & dramatist


Hilariously retro recipe cards from my Christmas stocking this year.
(Thanks Frances!)

TTC type

Superb poster recounting the typographic history of the TTC by Jose Ongpin (high res here)
via BlogTO

On collecting

-graphic design partners Tony Davidson & Kim Papworth, via Inspired

Type treasure

Some delightful antique alphabet stamps found at Gadabout on Queen St. E.
(If you haven't been, you must go!)

Type for men

Helvetica ad, circa 1966

Weight loss / weight gain

Currently working on the different weights for Geometrica Sans
Goal: to complete font file and make available by Spring 2011!

Currently devouring

Perfect gift for a typohile / bibliophile
Thanks Santa!

Mad type

Some typographic anachronisms in Mad Men, set in 1960-61:
Opening credits: script is Lucida Handwriting, circa 1992
Season 1, episode 3: script is P22 Cezanne, circa 1996
Season 1, episode 12: script is Zapfino, circa 1998

(This is only season 1 - updates to come...)

Twelve over twelve

After the success and gratification of 26 in 52 (which profiled all twenty-six letters of the alphabet over the 52 weeks of 2010), I have decided to undertake the next logical project, involving another one of my obsessions: numbers.
By the last day of each month in 2011, I will compile and share everything I can about the universal numbers 1 to 12. I'm not entirely sure this will progress, but I look forward to the journey.
Twelve over twelve - here we go! First post on zero and one coming soon...

End type

Stunning collection of Metro Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) end titles from 1920-present - worth checking out!