Happy Birthday Grandpa

p.s. My Grandpa is actually a super hero

Let's learn

Antique flashcards! Love these!

Done and done

26 letters and 52 weeks later, 26 in 52 comes to an end. What an exciting journey!
New 2011 project to be announced soon...

BREAKING: DADT will come to an end

Historic news for LGBT Americans: bill to end Don't Ask, Don't Tell passes House and Senate, and will be signed by President Obama sometime next week.
The bigger question is, "Should they?"
"There can be no honor from serving in a shameful war. Anyone attempting to enlist now is condoning the horrors of of it. If fairness and equality is really the concern of gay people, then we can't sign up to use force to impose our misguided will as we've been doing in Iraq for almost a decade. As people who've been bullied ourselves, we of all people must value compassion. Dan Choi has claimed that "War is a force that gives us meaning." Anyone who needs to obtain their meaning from something as depraved as preemptive attacks against innocent countries is at odds with any civil rights movement I can conceive of ... Of course gays deserve civil rights. But Iraqis deserve them just as much as we do." -Lady Bunny, performer and LGBT activist


Delightfully homicidal typographic illustrations by Philip Tseng

Poster perfection

How much do I love these posters by Jonathan Guy? Way too much!
(via BlogTO)

Typographie fantastique

Some very nice French type guides, circa 1882

A is for awesome!

Wonderful letter illustrations by Paul Thurlby

Type in the archives

Amazing type spotted in BlogTO's recent article "Toronto in the 1940's"

Harry remixed

Superb modernist Harry Potter covers by M.S. Corley


Just over two years ago, I started swimming.
Today, for the first time, I swam 20 consecutive 50-metre laps.
And that feels awesome.

Extraordinarily beautiful

Nina Arsenault in The Silicone Diaries
Playing now until December 11
Buddies at Bad Times Theatre
(A must-see.)