One drop at a time

My good friend Mandy approached me a few months ago to help rebrand Biluany, a not-for-profit organization based out of Calgary. From their website:
To fundraise in Canada and coordinate the necessary logistics for the drilling of water wells and the building of schools in South Sudan, preventing ailments caused by waterborn disease and helping eliminate illiteracy.
Here's how the logo turned out:

And here is the poster for their first event being held in Calgary on October 20:

(click to enlarge)

Summer love

Congrats to Hugh and Tracey on your special day!

Five retro fonts that always make me smile

AdLib by Freeman Craw, 1961
Baby Teeth by Milton Glaser, 1968
Stop by Aldo Novarese, 1971
Sinaloa by Rosmarie Tissi, 1974
Quicksilver by Dean Morris, 1976

Don't worry

Words of wisdom from Frank Chimero (via Swiss Miss)

Red Beef Curry

Inspired by my friend Frances' beautiful food blog and my general love for food, I decided to try a new type of blog entry: Cooking with Christopher! Last night's menu was a new personal favourite: Madhur Jaffrey's Red Beef (or Lamb) Curry.

Read the full recipe after the jump.

Let's go to Hank's

9.5 Church St., Toronto, ON
(the espresso may have been mediocre, but the brunch was divine!)

It doesn't get any better than this

Fresh Ontario coronation grapes, Turkish coffee, and a high of 23 degrees. Bliss.
(click image for full juiciness)

Zip it up!

Saturday, my good friend and Jill-of-all-trades Tanya gave me a tutorial on how to make these delightful zippered pouches (designed by Karyn). So many possibilities...
Thanks again Tanya!


The Letter X
The letter X,
for explicit sex,
for the ghastly formula,
the buried treasure,
the missing number,
the undisclosed measure,
the crossroads,
the crossed heart,
the cross,
the illiterate signature,
the inferior brand name,
the typing over mistakes,
the inebriate’s eyeball
or the fish-market fish’s,
the incorrect answer,
the life-saving stitch,
the whirlybird,
the anonymous grave,
the secret plan,
the forbidden planet,
the unknown man,
the number ten,
shorthand for Christ
and all that’s hidden,
the target the bomb misses,
the poison bottle,
the liquor keg,
the divorced, the former, the past,
and at the last,
at the end of the letter,
written, perhaps unbidden
-Mark O’Donnell

Coffee logic

Superb coffee recipe infographic by Plaid Creative
Click to enlarge!

Ladies who lunch

10 years ago, I took this photo in a small cafe in Ponteix, SK.
It was published in a local calendar, featuring glimpses into small town Saskatchewan life.
Sadly, all three ladies have since passed away.


Packard Series of Type, circa 1913 - click to enlarge

Turkey in Toronto

Dundas Square, Toronto

How practical

"Practical Lettering" samples from an antique correspondence art school course, circa 1969

Best (unintentional) birthday gift

Thanks Grandpa!