A fine treat

Galerie au Chocolate's Fair Trade bars

Small steps

US President Obama signs the Matthew Shepherd and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, which expands the current hate crimes law to include violence based on gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity. This also marks the first federal LGBT civil rights legislation to pass in American history.
A statement from Judy Shepherd:
“When Dennis and I started calling 10 years ago for federal action to prevent and properly prosecute hate crimes against gay, lesbian and transgendered Americans, we never imagined it would take this long,” said Judy Shepard, Matthew’s mother and the president of the Matthew Shepard Foundation Board of Directors.

“The legislation went through so many versions and so many votes that we had to constantly keep our hopes in check to keep from getting discouraged,” she continued. “But with President Obama’s support and the continually growing bipartisan majorities in the House and Senate lining up behind the bill this year, it became clear that 2009 was the year it would finally happen.”

The legislation allows federal authorities to pursue charges in violent crimes motivated by the victim’s actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and disability, in cases where local authorities cannot or will not secure appropriate convictions. It also opens up federal aid to local law enforcement for training, prevention and investigation.

“We are incredibly grateful to Congress and the president for taking this step forward on behalf of hate crime victims and their families, especially given the continuing attacks on people simply for living their lives openly and honestly,” Shepard added. “But each of us can and must do much more to ensure true equality for all Americans.

Glam is back!

Cover art for Adam Lambert's debut album, set to drop November 24, 2009

Tell me about it.

My Head is Full... by Supermundane
(via Swiss Miss)

A new font is born

Time flies by when you're having fun

Typographic treat today at the St. Lawrence flea market - a perpetual calendar!

How to be a man

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Vintage typography, part 2

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Toys for the boys

Milo blissing out with his new Ikea ferret

Cheat sheet

Old school math tables (click to enlarge)

All caps allstar

Lovely initial caps, made each day, by Jessica Hische

Been a bad boy?

Formal Apology form
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Gaga meets Toronto

New concert tour announced
November 28, Air Canada Centre, Toronto

The more you know: Typeface Terminology

Useful Typeface Terminology (please click to enlarge)

Spine - Curved stroke of a capital "S"
Arm - stroke attached at one end
Bowl - curved stroke which encloses a space
Ascender - stroke which extended above the x height
Stress - thickening of a curved stroke
Stem - straight vertical stroke
Cap height - height of capital letters from baseline
Stroke - basic linear element - can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal or curved
Descender - stroke which extended below the baseline
Eye - small counter of lower case "e"
Terminal - end of a stroke
Spur - small projection off of a stroke
X height - height of lower case letters, excluding any ascenders or descenders (usually measured by lower case "x")
Apex - angular peak of capital "A"
Bar - horizontal stroke attached at both ends
Branch - connecting stroke
Counter - enclosed space within a character
Shoulder - curved stroke at the top of a character
Tail - diagonal stroke below the baseline

Four words that make me happy

Out of this world.

Lady Gaga on SNL.
A planetary / molecular / hoola-hooping goddess of awesomeness.

All night contemporary art thing

Above: 4 Letter Word Machine, D A Therrien
Below: Rabbit Balloon, Jeff Koons

Mamma mia!

Lower level of St. Lawrence Market