Mix and match

Lettrage by Marin Van Uhm
New geometric font created by collaging 17 colourful geometric shapes.

Tongue twisting type

How to Spell the Alphabet by Tauba Auerbach

Colour me happy

Type design by Tim Fishlock for "International Convention of Colour" poster exhibition, July 2008.

Ligatures make me smile

Lovely ligatures around town.

The ongoing battle...

Settling the differences between Arial and Helvetica

Exit summer, enter autumn

Fall equinox, 5:18pm today

The only font you need?

Crazy-awesome-versatile new font called History by Peter Bilak

Serif lust

My top 5 serif fonts:

Alita by Fountain Type
(great usage here)

Cavetto by Jason Walcott/Jukebox

Archer by H&FJ

Kursivschrift by German Cartographic Design
Oxtail by Stefan Hattenbach
(great usage here)
(Favourite sans serifs here)

Can't. Get. Enough. Gaga.

Lady Gaga at last night's MTV Video Awards


09/09/09 also falls on a Wednesday in September, both of which have 9 letters.
It is also the 252nd day of the year; 2+2+5=9.

Get your glee on

Four months after the amazing pilot on May 19, Glee resumes tonight!
More fun promo posters here
(Must also mention the delightful treatment of ITC Avant Garde Gothic... love it!)

Today's mantra

Poster by Anthony Burhill
(What a Saskatchewan thing to say...)

Breakfast and espresso at Fran's Restaurant
20 College St., Toronto

It's official: Fall is here.

Beautiful squash at the St. Lawrence Market

Forbidden love

Adam & Eve Chocolatier
97 Maitland St., Toronto

Just keep swimming...

I've always loved swimming.

One year ago, I rediscovered swimming. When I jumped in the pool the first time, I could barely swim two lengths without passing out.

Today, I'm able to swim for half an hour, with only a few rests.

Vancouver 2010, here I come.